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  •     The vast collection of Buddhist literature contains many accounts of personal, supernormal powers which manifest when you begin to truly discipline your mind. However, it is never a good idea to begin a process of mental training for the [...]

  •     Two and a half thousand years ago, motivated by a profound need to understand the nature of grief, sorrow, anger and unhappiness, Prince Siddhartha Gautama set out from the foothills of the Himalayas in search of “truth”. After years [...]

  •     Many teachers have described the entirety of the Buddha’s original teachings as simply a way to improve the quality of one’s thinking (thoughts, feelings, and emotions). The Buddha recognized that each person’s “Personal World” is predominately shaped by whatever [...]

  •     Why is the practice of Buddhism often called “The Easy Path”? It’s because of several reasons. First, the practice of Buddhism usually results in an immediate and noticeable improvement in the overall quality of Life Excellence. Your stress levels [...]

  •     Learning how to “walk the path of Buddhism” (with special attention to “Mindfulness”) allows you to recognize and “fully become” or “Free” your Deepest Self (what many Buddhists call your “Unborn and Eternal Buddha Nature“). This is the part [...]

  •     We are all searching for “meaning”, “purpose”, and “fulfillment”. Alas, we oftentimes find ourselves asking “What’s wrong with me ?” We do not wish to “stay the way we are” when we know that we can be better. We [...]

  •     Our free Seattle classes do not follow any particular “series” of instructions. The format is purposely designed that way so that visitors can walk into a class on any Saturday of their choosing, and not be baffled by unfamiliar [...]