Are there different levels of Enlightenment that the average person can reach without meditation or the reliance upon a “God”?  Most definitely “YES” !! Take a look…

   Although it’s a bit difficult to “slice and dice” the various “levels” of our True Enlightenment teachings, we can give you a very rough (yet concise) outline of the types of things you can accomplish. Please bear in mind that each of the levels flow naturally into the next and are not “completely different practices” :

  • Level 1 • This is the most basic level of Enlightenment, in which you learn the truth about the voice inside your mind that we use to “talk to ourselves” with (and you learn how to control it). This “voice” is often a non-stop narration, and will be seen to be our greatest ally and our most intimate enemy…it is the double-edged sword belonging to our human “Power of Intellect”.

  • Level 2 • After learning to control the voice inside your mind, you then learn how to willfully choose and control your “Naturally Arising Thoughts“. Believed impossible by many, we carefully show you how you can choose the types of thoughts/feelings/emotions that seem to “bubble up out of seemingly nowhere in particular”. This is the level that most students find is adequate in meeting their Enlightenment aspirations, but for the “adventurous of spirit” further levels can be explored.

  • Level 3 • When one learns to control one’s Naturally Arising Thoughts, the next obvious step is learning to view things in your world WITHOUT using your “Inner Narrator”. In other words, you learn to see into the true nature of things by observing the world and not “talking to yourself” ABOUT it in words/names/labels/symbols/numbers (by turning OFF the Inner Narrator). This happens to be one of the primary goals of Zen practice, but we have a shortcut…a “back door” …that we will show you how to “open” in order to bypass the typical years of mediation that are usually required to reach this advanced level of Enlightenment.

  • Level 4 • Learning to reach out and see/feel for yourself the scientifically verifiable Powers of the Universe that course throughout the entire universe. These are not “magical”, “occult” or “religious” powers, but are scientifically observable energies that are constantly coursing throughout each of us. The trick, of course, is leaning how to align yourself with and then USE these energies to manifest what many would call “miracles”.

  • Level 5 • At this extremely advanced level of True Enlightenment, you discover the deepest core of your being and are able to see for yourself if “Personality/Person-ness” survives the death experience (on this level the fear of death is eliminated). And “no”, we never give that answer away…that’s something you learn to find for yourself ! (again, no “faith” is required)

   If you think you’re ready to begin this amazing journey into the deepest corners of your True Self, simply email us or come to one of our free classes. After a single class, you will be well on your way to making dramatic and lasting changes in your life, and the lives of those you care about.

“…You are the most important person under the sun. You are an Angel, blazing with the radiance of “The Sacred”. The Powers of the Universe actively desire YOUR personal happiness, and we simply want to prove it such that you can verify this to your (newly Enlightened) personal experience and satisfaction…”

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