No meditation or reliance upon a “God” is required to reap the full benefits of our “True Enlightenment” teachings. All our methods are easy, quick, and best of all PLEASANT to do !! There is no need to create new time slots in your busy lifestyle because the methods are performed naturally during your normal, daily course of events.

   As mentioned elsewhere on this site, our True Enlightenment teachings require absolutely no form of scheduled meditation. We have developed a fool-proof method of accomplishment that is utterly independent of most Enlightenment paths, which historically require a long commitment of meditation practice.

   As with meditation, no reliance is made whatsoever upon any form of “God”. However, everything we teach is completely compatible with ANY religion you might happen to follow. Once you experience the initial successes (in a surprisingly short period of time), and if you ARE a member of a religious organization or spiritual group, this Enlightenment will simply help you to achieve the religious/spiritual goals for which you strive.

   In other words, if you are Christian, our teachings will make you a better Christian. If you are Muslim, you’ll become a better Muslim. If you’re Buddhist, Jewish, Taoist, etc ….well, you probably get the idea!

   The only groups for which this True Enlightenment would NOT work for would be extremist belief systems which condone the infliction of harm upon others, or extremists who focus upon anger and hate. Luckily, those types of paths are a very small minority.

   Simply send us an email or come to one of our free classes and you’ll see how True Enlightenment can easily fit into any lifestyle you currently pursue. It’s yours just for asking…

“…You are the most important person under the sun. You are an Angel, blazing with the radiance of “The Sacred”. The Powers of the Universe actively desire YOUR personal happiness, and we simply want to prove it such that you can verify this to your (newly Enlightened) personal experience and satisfaction…”

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