The easiest and fastest path for acquiring any valuable skill is almost invariably one in which the skill can be used and practiced throughout the course of one’s everyday life. Slower methods tend to require you to “set aside time” from your busy day (for meditation, or prayer, or church as just a few examples), which becomes harder and harder to do in our typically hectic lives. We found the perfect solution…

   If you’re like most people these days, setting aside time in your day for ANY self-development goal is exceptionally challenging. Our busy schedules make it difficult to even get an adequate amount of rest or exercise (let alone the pursuit of deeper personal goals) when we have so many other responsibilities to fulfill. How many times have we started an aerobics class or yoga class and then had to drop it because our duties to work, school, or family became increasingly demanding ?

   Over three decades of research (spanning the wisdom teachings of 5000 years, and of almost every culture known to history) have culminated in an amazing discovery that enables “Enlightenment in Seattle” to offer a teaching that is unlike any other. In essence, our teachings involve a simple change you can make in your everyday life that will automatically lead you down the path of True Enlightenment. It is entirely up to the individual how far down the path he or she wishes to travel (see our section on “Levels of Enlightenment”).

   One might naturally ask, “Well, please tell me what the simple change IS…”

   Therein lies the challenge, because in order for the individual to see the path clearly, the path needs to be opened in a way unique to every person based upon their own unique beliefs and experiences.

   This method of instruction has been in use in the east for thousands of years and is known as “Upaya“, a topic which has surprisingly few books written in the English language (although has an interesting summary). In essence, a teacher skilled in the use of “Upaya” will adapt his or her teaching based upon the particular audience being taught. Thus, the exact message being presented will be somewhat different for each individual or group. This a common reason why religious paths (especially those of the east) have seemed to contain “contradictions”. These supposed “contradictions” are often simply “Upaya in action”.

   Have you ever heard the phrase “True Enlightenment can’t be explained in words”? It’s much like “love at first sight”, or your first kiss with somebody you feel VERY strongly about, or describing snow on pine trees to someone born in the tropics who has never seen snow, or Captain Cook describing “cities” to Hawaiian islanders in 1778 (their first contact with the outside world), or a person born deaf who has a surgical implant and hears Beethoven for the first time. None of these concepts can possibly be TRANSMITTED via words, and must be experienced for oneself. Once such “inner doors of personal experience” are opened and you witness them first hand, something “unlocks” (and we have a key we wish to give to you). For “True Enlightenment”, words are only “pointers”…pale descriptions of the “actual knowing” (until you witness it for YOURSELF). Another example would be the taste of your favorite food. No description could have truly prepared you for that “special taste” that really creates your “inner spark of joy”. What makes “Enlightenment in Seattle” different is that we bypass the need for meditation and religion and take you STRAIGHT TO THE EXPERIENCE. Imagine you were waiting in LONG line at a restaurant for a lobster dinner and we simply pulled you out of the long line, sat you straight down, and put a plate of the world’s best lobster right in front of you. No waiting…you will simply SEE THE TRUTH OF ENLIGHTENMENT FOR YOURSELF when we show you the “shortcut” (we open a “back door” for you) and bypass years of arduous meditation.

   Your personal introduction to Enlightenment will be given with “Upaya” in mind, and we’ll explain the path of True Enlightenment based upon the unique reality in which YOU live. We will open the door to this experience based upon YOUR UNIQUE LIFE EXPERIENCES. In this way, your class will be guaranteed to provide you with the best chance of success and understanding. To see this amazing promise in action, just drop us an email or come to any of our free Seattle classes.

“…You are the most important person under the sun. You are an Angel, blazing with the radiance of “The Sacred”. The Powers of the Universe actively desire YOUR personal happiness, and we simply want to prove it such that you can verify this to your (newly Enlightened) personal experience and satisfaction…”

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