The concept of “Enlightenment” holds a fascination across cultures and continents. It is a common human belief (and hope) that we have some kind of “inner magic or inner power” that can be somehow accessed if we follow a path (usually of “assisted” instruction). For this assistance, many seek a guru or enroll in a program of Yoga or Zen … many people simply feel that there is “something” (some secret door or storehouse of wisdom…some “secret level” of existence) deep inside that we simply can’t “get at” on our own, and which offers an exceptionally alluring Promise

   You’ve probably heard many promises about methods of improving your life, but we have something to offer you that is ABOVE AND BEYOND the rest …We can prove to you, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that  you are the most important person under the sun. You are an Angel, blazing with the radiance of the Divine. If only you could “awaken”, you would discover (and be able to USE) the vast Powers of the Universe that are simply awaiting your call. But you can’t SEE or FEEL these facts because of certain deeply rooted aspects of your mind that only serve to hide the truth from your senses. Let us help you strip those useless aspects away.

At “Lasting Happiness in Seattle” we offer free classes at our beautiful Seattle temple (see our website section “Free Seattle Classes”).

Like our “butterfly” logo, our classes are designed to assist you in a personal “transformation” (like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly). You probably sense that there is something “more” to life …a meaning or purpose…some feeling you have deep inside tells you that you are “something more” than you’re currently capable of accessing or becoming. Perhaps you’ve tried various religions, but are not comfortable believing those teachings based on “faith alone” and you wish to verify things based on your own personal reality (this is one of our core beliefs…everything we teach is something you can test/verify as REAL for your personal satisfaction RIGHT NOW). Perhaps you’ve tried meditation, but have not achieved the Enlightenment you deeply desire.

In the section “What does Enlightenment GIVE you” we’ll list the benefits, but let’s first look at the “meaning” of the concept of Enlightenment:

It is here at the outset that we wish to be very clear in that we are giving away this solution. Our “Enlightenment teachings” (which are a SHORTCUT to True/Useful Enlightenment) are the cure to perpetual discontent, discord, disharmony, hopelessness and unhappiness…and we want to share this “short path” with as many people as possible.

So what “IS” Enlightenment ? The answer to this varies wildly between eastern and western cultures, but we submit to you that we can pin down (and teach you) the method of a Truly Useful Enlightenment. We believe that any concept of Enlightenment must serve the fundamental purpose of being Useful in LIGHTING or ILLUMINATING something which is currently obscured/hidden/unobtainable. In the case of our Enlightenment teachings, the usefulness is always measured by:

1. The amount that it enhances your personal long-term joy and happiness.
2. The amount that it reduces your personal sorrow and unhappiness.
3. The degree to which it can help you find your purpose and the meaning of your existence.
4. The degree to which it enhances the overall quality of your “Excellence of Life” during the full (yet short) span of years we are allotted before death comes to claim us.

Enlightenment is simply a “concept” that has different meanings for different traditions and paths. It is not a Certifiable Event such as birth and death. The meaning of Enlightenment is thus highly subjective…it means different things to different cultures and groups.

It is our “concept” that Enlightenment must be a testable/verifiable theory which individuals can prove to their daily satisfaction and experience. Further, it is our concept that Enlightenment must be valid for all humans regardless of religious belief. Otherwise, it would be impossible to attain Enlightenment if one were Atheist, Agnostic, or non-theist. A Truly Useful Enlightenment must be available to even the most hard-core atheist or skeptic.

It is further our contention that Enlightenment must result is some form of long-term happiness, or some form of long-term benefit which would be applicable to any person regardless of religion or creed. In other words, it must be equally beneficial for Christians (as one example) as it would be for Atheists.

If you have any questions about “Lasting Happiness in Seattle“, our teachings, our experience, our research, or if you’d like to inquire about our free classes, just email us.

“…You are the most important person under the sun. You are an Angel, blazing with the radiance of “The Sacred”. The Powers of the Universe actively desire YOUR personal happiness, and we simply want to prove it such that you can verify this to your (newly Enlightened) personal experience and satisfaction…”

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