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    When one decides that some form of personal change in their life is necessary, they are experiencing the pull of the power of Transmutation. Transmutation is how change manifests on the level of the individual, or group of individuals. It is NOT the changes that manifest in “whole systems” (change in whole systems will be the subject of the next power…Transformation). One of the most obvious reasons for determining that you need to change something about yourself (this is what is meant by the “level of the individual”) is when the effects of your actions are not producing results you prefer. If you are receiving the opposite of what you want or need, then it becomes apparent that you need to make some form of personal change…an individual Transmutation.

    On the level of the universal, Transmutation can be seen most easily in its greatest moments of “personal” change. The first is the primordial fireball, the Big Bang, in which the universe suddenly “flared forth”. First, there was no universe, and then suddenly, after an event of explosive birth beyond our power to image, a universe came into existence. Next, after its initial stage as plasma…just a vast sea of radiant energy…the first elementary particles came in being. Another shuddering of the universe and the entire ocean of particles suddenly broke apart into vast “collections” which began to condense down into galaxies…then to stars. These are epic moments in the history of the universe…never to be repeated…epic moments of Transmutation on the part of our single (individual) universe.

    We already discussed many of these moments of change …galactic change, planetary change…change is what the universe is all about! In fact, the nature of change is one of the key components in Buddhism, which teaches the Law of Impermanence ““ In which it is taught that becoming overly-attached to changing things is the root of human misery. We typically try to resist change, and it causes us to suffer, because ALL things change…nothing is permanent.

    The power of Transmutation can be thought of as a constraining or limiting effect. Take, for instance, the early Earth that was just huge planet of roiling lava. Certain constraints and limits suddenly came to bear, and the lava became the first continent. In scientific terms it “froze into the first proto-continent”. It was simply the Transmutation power using limitation and constraint that implemented this deep change. The same type of thing took place when the first continent became multiple continents. Another form of Transmutation occurs when “forms of resistance” come into being.

    In the world of life on Earth, this power can be seen in the predator-prey relationship. Each puts limits on the other. A bird acts as a constraint (or limit) on a grasshopper, and the number of grasshoppers puts a restraint on the bird. Throughout the entire planet there are constraints and demands…the “judgments” imposed by the power of Transmutation. Those grasshoppers that are not able to move fast enough are quickly removed from the gene pool of grasshoppers by the hungry birds, and the birds that can not fly fast enough to catch the grasshoppers are also removed by the gene pool, usually before they’ve had the chance to produce offspring. You might think of Natural Selection as the manifesting energy constantly brought to bear upon any individual life form through the overall power of Transmutation. It’s a harsh energy, but a necessary one. It is an amazing power, a process of constraint and judgment that leads to excellence of form…to beauty.

    Individuals are often forced to make deep changes if they are to survive. On the level of the human, individuals are forced into a “deep reflection” upon their actions and values if they wish to manifest lives with meaning and significance.

    It is this imposed deep reflection that exemplifies a way in which the universe (through its 10 Powers) reflects upon itself. This is one of the deepest and most sacred aspects that we can personally witness and experience…when we allow ourselves to align with the powers and “create a space for them” such that the universal energies can flow through us and manifest. To become deeply attuned to this process is to actually FEEL and deeply sense the universe centering itself upon YOU, and flowing forth. You begin to see that the universe is studying itself …its processes…through the eyes of a particular human…through you. You can feel “the process studying the process”. You can feel the powers that shaped the human, reflect upon itself THROUGH you. This is the deep communion that is available when you learn to fully align with (and make a space for) the Powers of the Universe, and is the specific topic of “The Miracle Formula” as discussed elsewhere on this site (under the “Free” section) in which you can learn a complete method for manifesting miracles for your own verification and experience!

    So what kind of person tends to naturally align with the power of Transmutation? One quality would be an
intense concern with results
. It’s a mind that is highly critical and judgmental such that “results” are constantly being analyzed for possible constraints needing to be imposed or newly created. The transmutative person is very sensitive to the dynamics of opposition. In other words, this person can sense when something is trying to oppose or limit them in some way, and uses this information to determine if they need to make some kind of personal change in their own actions in order to gain the results they desire. So you can see that this is a person that is deeply attuned to laws, traditions, and customs, but is primarily concerned with these things’ impact upon results.

    This person is deeply reflective upon the impact upon their own person by any of these forces, and then reflects on any personal actions they may need to change in order to produce effective results. This person has a very pragmatic and practical mind. This tends to be a highly disciplined person who enjoys structure, much different from the person who relates closest to the power of Emergence. The transmutative person is always evaluating their personal behavior and looking for new ways of self-discipline to improve their personal situation. This kind of person can often have the feeling of not fitting in, and feels out of place. This is a result of the sense that they are not getting the results they want, or that they have not surrounded themselves with persons who are conducive to their personal growth. Feeling like one does not fit in can also indicate that the individual has not found the appropriate environment in which to live that best meshes with their particular energies or life-style. Such a person tends to move around until they find the exact niche that is right for them. This is akin to helium in the center of stars. It is ONLY in the center of stars that carbon can be created…nowhere else. If the transmutative person can not find their (often very unique) niche, they can never transmutate into the beauty that is awaiting inside of them. If such a search is not consummated, they tend to lead very unfulfilled lives and wind up on their death beds KNOWING that they “missed out” on that “something that was waiting” but was simply never found.

    This kind of person would find a search for overall life-fulfillment to be a worthy pursuit. Additionally, this type of person would benefit immensely from developing the skills of aligning with (and listening to) the Powers of the Universe. By developing skills of communion with these powers, miraculous life changes can be allowed to manifest in such a way that you can witness it readily for your own verification.

    If you’d like to watch the “Transmutation” video, simply click the video link at the top of this article. The next video in the “Powers of the Universe” series is titled “Transformation” whose page can be viewed by clicking here.

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