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    The power of Cataclysm is one of the most misunderstood of the universal powers. It is only in the last 100 years that have been able to verify on a universal scale that all things “break down”…all things eventually “fall apart”…that is the second law of thermodynamics. It is the same law that enables the universe to continue to operate…things break down so that other things may emerge. Stars explode in order to form more complex stars, which then create more complex atoms necessary for the “seeding” explosion of the Supernovae.

    On the planetary scale, mass extinctions occur and make room for the Emergence and dominance of other species. If the dinosaurs had not suffered a mass extinction, it’s likely that right now the dominant species on the planet would have scales and reptilian eyes! In fact, the concept of mass extinction is very, very new. Confucius never talked about mass extinctions on the planet, nor did the Buddha. The Holy Bible and Koran do not mention any time in our planet’s history that may have witnessed a mass extinction of species. It’s only the 19th century in which humans learned of mass extinctions on the planet, one of the largest of which happened about 250 million years ago. It’s hard to even visualize. About 96% of the entire ocean’s creatures were killed, and about 70% of the land species. Up until the 19th century we had simply found a lot of bones of dead animals in the ground but we never really connected that with any kind of mass extinction. In fact, Thomas Jefferson was very interested in fossils, and one of the reasons he authorized the Louisiana Purchase and authorized the Lewis and Clarke expedition was because he had hoped that some explorer would find some of the actual dinosaurs! That’s how new this idea of extinction is…our new realization of Cataclysm on planetary and cosmic dimensions. Our realization of such things came a bit late in the opinion of many, as we witness the destruction we began to wreak upon our fragile ecosystem starting with the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

    Differing from (yet related to) these large-scale Cataclysms, it is the natural breakdown of molecules within the human body that provide the energy we need. Our energy is a breaking down of complex molecules into simpler molecules. The movement from the complex to the simple is called in science, catabolism. This is the power of Cataclysm on the level of the human, whereas the exploding star is the power of Cataclysm on the level of the cosmos. Moment after moment in the universe these enormous explosions are taking place…Cataclysm on the hugest scale imaginable. But out of such Cataclysm, emerges the possibility of new forms and new structures. The Cataclysmic process is built into the very nature of the stars, as well as into the chemical reactions living things.

    How does a person align with Cataclysm? How to we consider identifying with the power that might one day destroy our planet if human industry is left unchecked? Such a person realizes that Cataclysm “happens”, and is going to keep happening. The choice before them is how they will participate with that destructive process in conscious self-awareness in such a way that would be considered ultimately “useful”. It’s easy to simply say you “wish to align yourself with destruction” and then justify being “an instrument” of Cataclysm. But to do so is not useful to humans or life on the planet…and we should always remember that “survival” is the imperative of life. We have a deeply ingrained instinct and desire to “continue”, to “go on”, to “keep the grand show running”. So how do we pursue a seemingly contradictory path of Cataclysm and tie it to “life survival” instead of “Cataclysmic destruction”?

    Unless one has a burning desire to become the agent of destruction and Cataclysm, perhaps a self-declared instrument of the Hindu God named Shiva the Destroyer (not useful for the continuance of life, harmony, love, and happiness), then another course is available. You see, some people simply enjoy “the breakdown” of things. They truly enjoy witnessing destruction and cataclysm, and often such people will (sometimes out of sheer boredom) travel down some very dark paths. There is, however, a different road one can take. For those who have an affinity for Cataclysm, a unique task is available. They can concentrate on those aspects of themselves (and possibly others) and focus on the destruction of “maladaptive thought and behavior”. You can probably see where this idea lead us…such a person can focus on “destroying” that which is non-conducive to the survival of life on the planet. Such a person can become actively involved with ecological groups dedicated to stopping the pollution of our planet. They can help to target those corporations responsible for the unfair treatment of indigenous peoples. The list goes on and on.

    Alternately, the person wishing to align with the power of Cataclysm can begin a campaign of destruction upon their own thoughts and feelings that have historically created disharmony and discord in their lives. We’re, of course, referring to the teachings of the first three parts of this book. Those sections dealt with the removal (or destruction) of unhappiness, sorrow, disharmony, and discord. It can actually be a very rewarding experience to dedicate oneself to the destruction of maladaptive behavior, thoughts, and feelings…the “tearing down” of that which is not “Useful”. In fact, that’s the driving force of many Buddhist monks…the destruction of their maladaptive thought, and the destruction of unhappiness in others (the destruction of the suffering of self and others).

    We can sometimes see this alignment occur early in children (in its positive form) when a child expresses an interest in becoming a doctor or scientist that could one day eradicate some prevalent disease or human physical affliction. We should always be on the lookout for these tendencies in our children so as to steer these energies in positive and rewarding directions. It is quite possible to steer the destructive aspects of any child, teen, or adult into more “adaptive behaviors” using their natural alignment with Cataclysm. We simply need to do so in a loving and supportive way. By doing this, we are tapping our affinity for Allurement and Emergence in order to help steer others away from potential misuse of the universal power of Cataclysm.

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