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    Centration is a way of discussing how the universe “centers upon itself”. Consider that our universe could have come into being in which it does not center upon itself, and could have been organized so that it would be static and unchanging. But, of course, that’s not how our universe was created.

    To visualize this, imagine that we at the beginning of our universe (science has clearly shown that this is about 13.7 billion years ago) and it’s very, very hot. There are energies simply billowing out in all directions. It could have simply done that and nothing else, but instabilities developed. Instead of remaining like a vast expanding cloud, the universe “shuddered” after about a billion years and fractured itself into the galaxies we mentioned earlier.

    So there’s the first major moment that the universe centered upon itself, the initial “shudder” that created the galaxies. Now, you may have been taught that everything about the universe exists in “cycles””…things repeating over and over and over again. Cycles can definitely be witnessed, but there are aspects of the universe that only happen once, and the creation of galaxies is such an event. All the galaxies were created at once, and then Never Again! No more galaxies were ever created after the initial universal Centration, and no more ever will be created.

    So after the galaxies were created (just gigantic “clouds” of matter at that point) a huge number of extremely complex dynamics developedinfinitely more complicated than the organization and function of our human bodies. Compared to the birth of galaxies and the dynamics that followed, the complexity of the human form could be thought of as “just a collection of simple tubes and fluids”. We’re simply trying to give you a feeling for the fact that after the galaxies were formed, some very complex events were set into motion. All sorts of things were happening. After a few billion years of intricate activity, the universe “shuddered” and centered upon itself again. The galactic clouds broke themselves apart into a multiplicity of centers…the first stars…each of the new centers became a star.

    So can you feel the universe wanting to get to a new center and galaxies are created? Can you feel it inside each of the 100 billion galaxies, desiring to get to a new center, and a star is born?

    At this point we should mention that many people are going to have a problem with the phrases above: “wanting” and “desiring”. They’re going to say “Whoa!!! You can’t use human descriptions for the universe. That’s the flaw of anthropomorphism, the projecting of inner human feelings onto something “other than human”. Here is how we explain this.

    We can make sense of the statement of “wanting” by saying that the universe has its own “intrinsic ends”. In other words, the universe has tendencies and internal forces that naturally produce certain ends. So, the Centration of the universe into galaxies and stars is “a wanting” on the level of the cosmos, and a human’s desire for something is “wanting” on the level of the human. We’ll describe this concept of “levels”…and not anthropomorphism” again in the next section on “Allurement” as well as throughout the remainder of the Powers of the Universe. For now, simply realize that we’ll be using some “human-seeming” terms simply to avoid have to always refer to such scientific (and dry/barren) terminology such as “intrinsic force manifestation”.

    Another example of our avoidance of excessive scientific jargon would be the description of the initial Centration of galaxy formation. In this writing we describe it as something the universe “wanted” to do, instead of describing it properly as “a universal density wave traveling through the space-time manifold” (which would be more technically accurate). Given the “nature” of the universe, and it’s inherent/primal force of gravity, it was inevitable (an intrinsic and predicted result) that the universe would end up as galaxies. That is what we mean when we say the universe “wants to” center upon itself. It is “a wanting” on the level of the entire cosmos. Similarly, in creating a star, the universe is “wanting” to center upon itself on the level of a single galaxy.

    Thus we see that the “whole” of the Ultimate Mystery has its own intrinsic direction. It’s sometimes difficult for people to visualize that not only humans have their own “inner direction” that compels them, but that such “wantings” exist on the species level, the planetary level, the solar system level, and the galactic levels of the cosmos as well.

    So we hope that you’re starting to get a feel for the way in which the universe continually aiming towards “centers”. We started with galaxies, and then stars, and then planets…down, down, down…until the universe centered within itself on at least one planet, and reached a sophisticated level of “life” that we can see as the “cell”. These are the cells that comprise life on planet Earth. All of the universal centers became more and more intense until finally life was created.

    These cells then began to group together until many more “centration/centering” events manifested, which finally resulted in “animal consciousness”. These early creatures were fruitful and began the population of animal life on Earth. Eventually, a most amazing “centering” took place as the universe created (via centration) the human consciousness which had the radically new feature of “reflective self-awareness“. We humans became the first creatures able to center upon ourselves and “reflect” upon our existence. You can even think of this as the Ultimate Mystery of the universe being able for the first time to look out and center individual conscious beings so that it can reflect UPON ITSELF through the eyes of individual humans.

    This is a truly miraculous occurrence in the opinion of many. There is no underlying “why” for this, or “how””…it simply came into existence. We are now able to reflect upon the beauty of the universe in reflective conscious self-awareness, and we (and the other plants and animals) are centered upon ourselves for the process of obtaining nourishment and continuation of our the species”…centration is constantly in action on the species and individual levels. In other words, the universe centered upon itself and created individual life organisms which each has the inborn drive to “center”…to survive and to procreate.

    One might look upon this process as the universe organizing itself with an interest in the beings of the universe. There is interest and concern in the universe in that it “wants” to center upon itself “as us”.

    The process becomes even more amazing when you think about the universe changing/altering reality just because we are observing it, which is one of the discoveries of quantum physics. The nature of the space in which we exist is totally dependent upon an observer of the universe. This is Einstein’s special theory of relativity. The nature of the universe changes and is different for every particular creature…it’s different for every center (life-form) that is observing it. The universe, in a certain sense, rises up and presents itself uniquely with respect to each life-form’s individual orientation or perspective. How amazingly strange! The universe has this way of uniquely forming around every creature’s perspective.

    In the analysis of psychologist Carl Jung, it becomes apparent that the universe creates moments of “synchronicity” in which unrelated events can be witnessed as obviously having meaning for a particular observer. Carl Jung’s “synchronicity” is his way of saying that the universe organizes itself so that our experiences in the universe are filled with personal meaning. The universe is organizing itself so that we as individuals can find deeper meanings and significance in our particular lives. Can you see how elegant and harmonious these things are woven together, all for the purpose (or benefit) of the universe’s particular centers (individual life-forms)? Many people look upon this ongoing process and become convinced that the universe must have “known” life was coming, and that it was “aiming for life” all along. That’s the amazing power of Centration in action.

    So what types of people tend to most easily align themselves with the power of Centration? How do we identify the qualities in a person that surface when they choose to consciously participate in this? As you have probably guessed, each of the 10 Powers of the Universe has a unique set of qualities and characteristics of people who naturally tend to align with that particular power. The first quality in a person who tends to align with the power of Centration is confidence. They have the feeling that they are actually drawing into their selves energies that go back to the beginning of the universe. It’s not a confidence in an arrogant or smug sense, but a deep inner conviction due to the partnership and participation that they naturally feel coming from the universe surrounding them.

    Another personal quality would be freedom…a sense of freedom away from the social forces of conformity. They are contacting a deep, shaping energy which demands that conformity be avoided for the sake of the freedom to find necessary areas to center upon. In order to do this, such a person must have great courage to be “who they are” and not overly-concern themselves with the conformed standards that permeate every society.

    Another quality would be a feeling of joy at being a cause. Every significant thing that happens is due centers of activity, and this can lead such a person to developing a tendency towards great focus. The joy at being a cause creates in them the ultimate exhilaration because they are feeling the results of a power of the universe which has always existed…since the beginning of time. You can probably see that such people can be deeply creative and deeply loving, because to be creative and loving depends upon one’s depth of focus…the depth of their ability to “center”.

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