Watch “Connecting to the Sacred Presence”

    In 2009 we were fortunate to attend one of Dr. Swimme’s most powerful lectures on “Connecting to the Sacred Presence” (The lecture was formally titled “Ecology: A New Story”). In one hour, Dr. Swimme presented (to a group of Ministry and Theology students and professors) a concise explanation of his lifetime of research into finding “The Sacred” from the perspective of modern scientific evidence.

    He used one of his classic explanations of our origins as “stardust”, and then had us visualize in our mind’s eye the initial formation of our earth from the “collected cloud of stardust from an exploded star”. He showed us a picture on the overhead projector of a large lava flow, and had us picture the entire earth at its birth as a big ball of flowing lava and chaos.

    He then changed to the next slide and showed us a picture of an amazing-looking red haired monkey from a tropical rainforest. He looked at us and said “Here is just one example of the sacred nature of the universe. Somehow, the universe went from lava to red monkey”. He then proceeded to laughingly describe “the process” in case we “missed it”. He flipped back and forth, and back and forth, between the slides and kept saying with a laugh in his voice “Lava, Red Monkey, Lava, Red Monkey, Lava, Red Monkey”. We’ll never forget how we felt when he did that, and you can feel it for yourself by watching the video on this page.

    Even though we had read all of his material, we were still captured in a state of awe, mystery, deep wonder, and reverence to think of the universe as having taken an exploding star and then somehow creating the Red Monkey. It made us think of the many philosophers who have criticized the “clockwork theory” of the universe. Their argument … How can something lifeless, some “machine”, some “clockwork”, manifest the emergence of something as utterly amazing as the Red Monkey?

    If you’d like to experience this for yourself, simply click the video link at the top of this article.

    If you’d like a more in-depth explanation on how to discover “The Sacred” for yourself, we can recommend nothing better than Dr. Swimme’s “Powers of the Universe” series in which he analyzes 11 different aspects of “The Sacred” which permeate our entire universe, and are thus not restricted to any single spiritual path. The “Powers of the Universe” videos are best watched sequentially, and you will see them numbered 1 through 11 in the video links at the top-right of your screen (Begin with “Seamlessness”, which introduces all the rest of the Powers of the Universe). If you’d like to watch the “Seamlessness” video, it’s page can be viewed by clicking here.

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