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    In order to enter into the fourth Power of the Universe we must ask ourselves the question “What does the universe itself value?” The universe can be seen to “value” that in which it puts forth a great deal of energy into preserving, maintaining or protecting. Homeostasis is the way in which the universe maintains the achievements that it values.

    As we’ve seen already, the universe requires the sacrifice of stars so that the giant Supernovas can eject valuable atoms (such as carbon, and oxygen to name a small few) into their respective galaxies. We once thought that such a distribution of atoms was unique to our solar system, and unique to the Milky Way. But in the last 100 years we’ve been able to determine that the ratios of the various atoms are the same in any of the galaxies in the universe (all 100 billion galaxies). The universe values that particular ratio of elements, and in our particular solar system this magical mix was found to be very conducive to the creation and maintenance of life.

    It makes one wonder that if all the galaxies in the universe have the same ratio of “ingredients” for life, what are the chances that our star is the only one which combined the ingredients to give creative emergence to life-forms? We’ll most likely not soon know the answer to that question, but it’s very informative to note that the necessary supernovae explosions required for the distribution of life-giving materials are an ongoing process throughout ALL the galaxies.

    The universe “values” the continual spread of life-giving atoms. In the Milky Way alone, about 10,000 supernovas spread their immense payloads throughout our galaxy every 1 million years. Sometimes it’s 8000 explosions in a “million year time block”…sometimes it’s 12,000…but the Milky Way values a balance of these explosions and hovers the average at around 10,000 per million years. This exact balance allows for the creation of new stars and new solar systems and spreads the building blocks of life throughout. This number of explosions also serves to maintain our galaxy’s overall spiral structure!

    The universe has an inherent “want” to maintain the ratio of explosions so that a stable Homeostasis is supported. Too few explosions and life would never have formed on Earth. Too many and life would never have formed on our planet. It almost seems like a “slow motion” process with only 10,000 Supernovas exploding every 1 million years. But consider that this is happening in all the other galaxies! Think of it, 100 billion galaxies ….there are Supernovas exploding and providing the building blocks of new stars and new life every moment of our existence…the universe is practically SEETHING with this activity of Homeostasis…keeping the entire cosmos balanced.

    One a smaller level, consider the Homeostasis exerted on our planet Earth as a whole. For 4 billion years our sun has been getting hotter and hotter, it is 25% hotter than it was 4 billion years ago. Yet the Earth’s temperature remains approximately the same, in a zone where life can flourish. It becomes apparent that the Homeostasis manifested upon the Earth itself indicates that the Ultimate Mystery considers the balance “valuable”…it was built-in implicitly at the very beginning of creation to eventually manifest this way.

    If we look closer at the planet Earth, we can see Homeostasis at work in its many ecosystems. In kelp forests (in the ocean) there is a balance of sea otters and sea urchins and kelp. If there are too few sea otters, the sea urchins will proliferate and the system will move out of balance…too much kelp will be used up, only to self-correct itself in later years when the sea urchins begin to dwindle from lack of enough food. Likewise, Homeostasis (or balance) is seen in almost all the life-forms on our planet. In particular, we can see this in one measure of a living mammalian body, the “Ph” balance, which is a measure of the proton balance in the living body’s system. If the flux of protons goes above a certain point, all the cells of the body start to disintegrate. Likewise, if the flux of protons goes too low all the cells likewise start to disintegrate. The entire health of the body is dependent upon maintaining the Ph within certain predefined parameters…it’s pretty much the same number for humans, and bears, and elephants, and fish …throughout the vast majority of life on our planet the Ph remains within a very particular and very narrow band. Each creature develops elaborate systems for maintaining this balance. We can say that the power of Homeostasis is at work in each creature, and each creature maintains a plethora of minute balances for the continuation of life.

    So, we see that the Ultimate Mystery supports a balance…via the power of Homeostasis…in order to maintain that which it values. What kind of people tend to align themselves with this dynamic power? The human form of self-consciously aligned Homeostasis tends to manifest itself in a person as a sense of seriousness or vigilance. They have an inner desire to see that which is “good” maintained. It’s a keen awareness of the fragility of the many systems on our planet, and the desire to see that which we value…continue. Such people are like the “repair molecules” in our bodies…they search and search and search, and when they find something that needs repaired they jump in and get the job done. They are keenly aware of threats from the outside and are on constant guard to prevent corruption from taking down the vitality of the whole. Needless to say, they would look with great suspicion upon those persons who chose to align with the power of Emergence, for they would see emerging structures and forms as possible threats to the currently stable environment. Thus, we often see such Homeostatic persons as having a deep drive for justice. That would be considered the power of Homeostasis on the level of the human.

    A person fully aligned with Homeostasis would have a deep commitment to maintaining the great achievements of their lives. They also try to maintain the great achievements of society. Often, this striving for maintenance of what they consider valuable leads to a zest for life. In fact, you could say that people who strive to maintain zest in their lives are aligning with Homeostasis simply by that particular maintenance. And when one strives to maintain zest, we see that this deeply interconnects with the other Powers of the Universe…especially that of Allurement. In their deep drive (an Allurement activity) to maintain their vitality and joy, they search for lasting, loving relationships (Allurement) and strive to add to the beauty of their environment (creative and artistic Emergence). So, this is an example of how all the powers are interconnected. In fact, as mentioned at the beginning of this discussion, the 10 Powers are really just a single energy…a single pouring forth of power and force…which is the underlying “ground of being” of the universal Ultimate Mystery.

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