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    The power of Interrelatedness is manifested by the “relationships” we see all around us. At the beginning of this discussion on the Powers of the Universe we talked about its fundamental Seamlessness (its interconnectedness, where nothing is separate from the whole), but the power of Interrelatedness involves a further aspect… “nurturance“. It is not like Homeostasis, where the universe acts to “maintain” connections that it values. It differs from Homeostasis in that the power of Interrelatedness is the force that seeks to establish and “care for“ relationships. It’s a power of devotion and servicea seeking to strengthen the bonds of relationships.

    A very strong example of this in which the power (on the level of galaxies) is clearly seen amongst the other powers, is in the case of one of the galaxies closest to us…the Large Magellanic Cloud. At one point in its history, this galaxy had reached the end of its ability to create new stars. Then, the universe caused it to pass through our Milky Way galaxy. Enough energies were transferred and the Large Magellanic Cloud started making stars again! …and it is still creating new stars! You can thus easily see how the universe “cares” for relationships, even on the largest scale imaginable.

    Another good example would be in considering our sun. It and the Earth are bonded into a very deep relationship. The mass of the sun interacts constantly with the mass of the Earth via the gravitational force. But consider this…the sun burns four million tons of hydrogen every second to send its necessary forces to our planet. Think about it…it gives up four million tons of itself every second of every year, and that enables the nurturance of life of our blue marble of a planet. This would be considered a deep “caring” or “nurturance” on the level of a star.

    You can see this power of “care” manifested on Earth in all the relationships on the planet. It’s the way in which various animals protect their young to varying degrees. Some animals will eat their young if the babies stray to close to the parent’s mouth, and other animals (fish especially) actually collect their children within their mouths to protect them. These fish did not develop their own code of ethics. They did not get together and discuss the practice amongst themselves. The Ultimate Mystery of the universe simply used them as vehicles for its desire to show increasing amounts of “care” and “nurturance” upon the higher life-forms of Earth.

    On our planet, it’s easier to see the level of “care” and “nurturance” increase as we move up the chain of complexity, especially when you come to the level of the mammals. The universe SHOWS that it values parental care because it is enabling them to expand into larger territories and grow in population. This growth and expansion of life would not be possible without the “devotion” and “nurturance” we see in mammalian mothers (and oftentimes in the mammalian fathers as well). Many female mammals have a beautiful dynamic in that they actually demonstrate to the younger mammals of the population how to “attend to” situations involving the offspring. Without language they demonstrate and pass on to future generations the value of “tenderness”. This value of “tenderness” eventually becomes folded into and incorporated deep into the genetic pattern of the later generations.

    This power of “care” can often be seen as a dynamic that needs to be “evoked” via some situation or stimulus. Before giving birth to a child, a female sea lion is not very nurturing to the babies of other female sea lions. But once she gives birth, something very deep and primal is “evoked“ and she immediately discovers that all these new behaviors are available that were once locked deep within her. She begins cleaning and stroking and nuzzling the baby, all without being taught. This behavior is simply “evoked” via the energies of Interrelatedness that await to flow through anything which becomes a space for it (…it awaits YOU).

    This same phenomenon is seen most strongly in the psyche of the human upon the birth of their first child. A human “knows theoretically” that they are going to feel a strong bond for their baby when it arrives. The person may have seen this happen in others, read about it in book and such. But it’s a common story that the depth of feeling that actually manifests when we hold our children for the first time becomes the single most potent sacred event of their lives. Something simply “unlocks“ inside the mind of a father when his baby is placed in his arms for the very first time. For those who are very sensitive to such things, a kind of primal energy is felt through their entire being that never existed inside them before. This is the classic example of the unlocking of barriers which once might have prevented a full sense of “caring” …it’s the almost magical “first flow” and direct experience of the power of Interrelatedness.

    The kind of human that most easily aligns with “caring”, “nurturance”, the power of Interrelatedness, is the person who finds it easy to absorb the experiences of others into their own understanding. We call this, of course, empathy. When you think carefully, you’ll find that “empathy” is the root of all great works of art. The artist wishes to invoke a deep interest on the part of the viewer, and the viewer feels pulled deep within the art itself. The viewer can actually absorb feelings and experiences that were the deepest communications by the artist.

    A truly empathetic person can do something that only the human is capable of…extending “care” beyond one’s local group. A powerfully empathetic person wants to extend the “care” of deep Interrelatedness to as many fellow living beings as possible. We find this kind of goal most vibrantly elaborated upon in Buddhist writings on compassion. A person aligned with Interrelatedness has a deep understanding and feeling for Compassion ““ the sincere wish to empathize with, and alleviate the suffering of others.

    Such a person finds a personal capacity to identify the obvious as well as hidden worth of others. They can reach out and “nurture” this worth in others and help it to flower. In a related fashion, a person aligned with Interrelatedness finds that they are very sensitive to the needs of others and can just sort of naturally pick up on these things. It is for that reason that we often tend to gravitate to such people when we are in times of emotional stress and need. These are the people who enfold us in our times of pain, and help us to see past temporary sorrows. They are the blessed individuals who say “Come to me” when you most need it, and offer you a shoulder to cry on and a smile to brighten the spirit. They help us to remember the famous and exceedingly valuable advice … “This too shall pass.”

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