Why is it that so many people “feel cheated” as they approach their last moments of life on Earth? How is it that on our death beds we are beset with thoughts that there was “something more” … and that our time was somehow wasted? The answer is simple … it’s because there WAS more. Our “deeper self” (our Unborn Buddha Nature” … our “Spirit”) KNEW that there was more to be had out of life, but our superficial lives prevented us from aligning with the sacred nature of the world in which we lived (if you can call such wasted lives “living”…perhaps “existing” is a better word since it reflects the sterile and wasted nature of our brief gift of life). Instead of living a zestful and joyous life filled with MANY moments of deep spiritual communion with The Sacred Presence available to all of us, we waste it on superficial and trivial pursuits. It is the purpose of our “Powers of the Universe” series to introduce you to the magical and often miraculous aspects of powers you can align with and “harness” to produce some of the most incredible spiritual experiences.

    Buddhist history contains an enormous number of references to devotees who learn to connect with the Sacred Nature of the universe, and learned to align with it’s power for miraculous self-transformative results. Such experiences are not restricted to monks and nuns, but are available to ANYONE who chooses to learn the Buddhist practices of controlling the mind (and thus enable you to clearly connect with The Sacred).

    When we’ve learned to control our thinking such that our Naturally Arising Thoughts are completely under our control, we can slow down the “Voice in the Head” (your “Inner Narrator”) such that you experience increasingly extended amounts of time in “Mental Stillness”. It is at these times that we are able to sense and connect with “The Sacred Mystery”.

    How can we willfully begin to “sense the sacred nature” of things? If you remain open to the possibility of the actual existence of “the sacred nature of the universe” then you can travel down a road of observation that we will present in great detail. You simply need to have an open mind and realize that “blind faith” will not be required. We merely wish to provide you with a launching point to use as you open up to the various aspects of the universe which create in most people a sense of awe and wonder…a “launching board to The Sacred”.

    The reason you don’t need “blind faith” is because we wish to show you only those things that are readily observable and verifiable to your own personal experience. We discuss these matters extensively in our free Seattle classes, and we’d like to present here a series of videos that will enable you to begin your own connections with The Sacred.

    We’d like to credit the originator of the explanations for these various Powers of the Universe, Dr. Brian Swimme. He is a mathematician/cosmologist who has written some wonderful books on these subjects. He travels around the world lecturing on these topics with the aim of reigniting the sense of the sacred nature of the universe (“Reawakening to The Sacred”) in order to show people the folly of our destructive influence on the world’s ecology.

    Although we fully agree with Dr. Swimme’s explanations for our need to stop destroying the planet, we would rather focus on other possible aspects of his explained Powers of the Universe in the sense of making them spiritually useful and available to our everyday experience of life. To view his teachings in this way, you place yourself on the same path of the thousands of Buddhist saints over the past 2500 years who discovered these sacred aspects of the universe for themselves, and who discovered the vast realms of existence that lie beyond our mundane life on Earth. Are you ready to commune with the saints and angels (Buddhas and Bodhisattvas) that exist outside the physical realm? If so, prepare yourself for an amazing journey.

    In another part of our site, you’ll find our “Miracle Formula” (see our “Free” section) which gives you exact steps in which Buddhist practice enables you to discover Buddhist Magic and Buddhist Miracles for yourself, and how to directly connect to “The Powers of the Univerrse”. For now, we present you with “the facts of cosmos” which you can use as your spring board into mystical Buddhist experience. It is our sincere hope that you will use this information to begin a journey in which you Reawaken to the Sacred Presence which surrounds us all, and which can be harnessed for your spiritual growth.

    We present to you two possible ways to begin your experience of connecting to “The Sacred”. The first, and quickest, is to watch a lecture by Dr. Swimme in which he presents scientific evidence of “The Sacred” to a group of Ministry and Theology students at Seattle University in 2009. In most of Dr. Swimme’s lectures, his emphasis is less on “The Sacred” and more on “saving the Earth”, but considering that his audience in this lecture consisted of ministers and theologians, his emphasis was more “spiritual” in nature, and this makes it one of our favorites. If you’d like to see this lecture, look for the “videos” link in the top-right corner of your screen and select the first topic which is titled “Connecting to The Sacred Presence”. If you’d like to go straight to this lecture’s page on this site, simply click here.

    If you’d like a more in-depth explanation on how to discover “The Sacred” for yourself, we can recommend nothing better than Dr. Swimme’s “Powers of the Universe” series in which he analyzes 11 different aspects of “The Sacred” which permeate our entire universe, and are thus not restricted to any single spiritual path. The “Powers of the Universe” videos are best watched sequentially, and you will see them numbered 1 through 11 in upper-right of your screen.

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