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    The final Power of the Universe that we’ll discuss is one of the most magical of all…that of Radiance. Radiance can be considered the way in which the universe communicates amongst all of its parts. To begin to understand this power, you need to think of the common meaning for the “word” radiant… it is the action of something that radiates. The sun radiates light and heat…easy to understand. The fact of the matter is that everything in the universe “radiates”, and they do so in a startling number of ways.

    Let’s consider an initial example on the level of the universal. In the last 100 years science has been able to ascertain that everything in the universe “communicates” or exchanges information with every other single thing via the process of gravity. In other words, to a small degree, the most remote star touches you every second of your existence in a gravitational interaction that moves instantaneous between you and the star. In order for the universe to do this, science hypothesizes the existence of “gravitons”, which are messenger particles that travel instantaneously between all matter to exchange “gravity information”. They are messengers that keep everything in constant communication. We don’t “feel” any of this, anymore than we feel cell phone, radio, or television signals passing through us, but we are constantly awash in a field of “gravity communication”. This is most keenly felt by the way we are embraced by the Earth, and almost everyone knows that it the gravity between our bodies and the Earth that hold us upon the Earth’s surface.

    Another little known fact is that every living body radiates not only heat, but also light! Each of our bodies, by virtue of all its chemical reactions, is constantly firing millions of light photons out of our bodies every single second. These are too faint to register upon our eyes, even in the darkest room…but it exists nonetheless. Every living thing is radiating light, and bathing those things around them in their emissions.

    Here’s another amazing fact we’ve discovered in the last 100 years. Think of viewing the moon at night. We get this vision that the moon is “reflecting” the light of the sun to us. We think of this as a bunch of particles that hit the moon and simply bounce over to our eyes here on Earth…a ricochet of light. We’ve discovered that this simply is not the case at all! The moon absorbs the photon particles from the sun (the sun’s light) and then the moon generates (out of itself) new light particles that are fired down to our waiting eyes. That’s amazing! At night time we’re not receiving light from the sun when we look at the moon, but we’re experiencing a communication of the moon as it sends its own light directly to us. It is communicating directly with us via the power of Radiance. And we know that communication requires a sender and a receiver. In the case of the light from the moon, the moon is sending us the communication of its emitted light and we are perceiving it…we’re receiving it in our own eyes and minds. So the power of Radiance has a component of “perception” on the part of something receiving the communication.

    This is a deep “primal” form of communication, and we’re only aware of the smallest fraction of communications that are hitting our bodies at every moment of our lives. Here’s a wonderful way of describing some of the deeper features of these types of communication. One of the ways in which we enter a relationship with radiant communication is “resonance“. We enter into a “resonance” with something as we become aware of being radiated with the communication of some other “thing”. If our resonance is deep enough, it fills our spirit until we move into a state of “reverberation“. The resonance penetrates us so deeply that we begin to radiate in response to it via reverberation. When we reverberate to something, we have entered the deepest of bonds with that “thing”, and have become interconnected to it on the deepest level such that we can feel “non-separated” from it…the core of our spirit feels the deep “Unity” or “Oneness” of this connection. When we resonate, and then reverberate with something, we’ve allowed ourselves to become spiritually in-tune with that “other” so that it no longer feels “other than us”. It’s actually a process of finding our core identity, our spirit, immersed in the connected voices of the Ultimate Mystery. It wakes your spirit so powerfully that you actually BECOME it, and that’s how we truly discover who we are on the deepest level of our being. This is the kind of feeling that is explained in Part 3 of this writing on “maximizing your number of Optimum Flow Experiences”…you are trying to maximize the amount of deep resonance/reverberation moments in one single lifetime.

    So, when you consider that the resonance and reverberation process are the essences of the power of Radiance, you can see that by aligning with such forces you can maximize your overall life-fulfillment via the increase in your experiences of Optimum Flow moments. What would be the characteristics or traits of a person who has learned to fully align themselves in this way?

    First of all, you need to develop a gentle spirit, or a subtle spirit that can deeply respond to the depth of spirit of other people and events. Only by becoming receptive to these things can you hope to awaken a sense of resonance deep within yourself. We have to develop ourselves as a kind of “container” that is capable of holding the beauty being emitted via the power of Radiance. The amazing thing is how well-shaped our minds are for transmuting our psyches to the point of becoming the space via which reverberation can manifest. It is something intrinsically available in the nature of every human. When you learn to deeply sense resonances, you become aware that you are surrounded by people and places and things that are packed with radiant energies. It is up to you to develop your sensitivities, to the extent that you feel the power of Radiance being emitted (and these naturally emissions of Radiance are, by most people, typically ignored or screened out of the conscious self-awareness).

    If you reflect upon the possibilities of using this power, you can see that something gloriously sacred is streaming into us every second, but we’ve simply learned to “reduce our reception” in order to “pay attention” to the things our teachers have told us are important. Growing up we learn to ignore the sacred radiances in order to pay attention to the words and numbers and figures that society has determined to be more “important”.

    But if you learn to see again the magic that permeated you before you were clouded by the continual Stream of Thoughts in your mind, you’ll find that the world is a much more magical place than you could ever have imagined. Most of us, of course, are blind to the vast sea of Radiance that is trying to establish resonance within us. We are blinded by the continual stream of words that pass through our minds. That’s one of the benefits of developing “Stillness”. We need to still our thoughts so that we can resonate and then hopefully reverberate the magical Radiance that is offered freely, but which is typically ignored.

    Another trait of a person who has an affinity for Radiance is that person who seems to get easily distracted, yet in actuality they are simply adept at getting drawn into the depths of things. Unfortunately, in our society, this is typically not a highly valued quality. This kind of person tends to do only the minimum amount of work that needs to be done, because that person requires more time than most in contemplation. Again, this is not considered a highly desirable trait by most, but it is most frequently observed in those who enjoy the Radiance of things. Many people who are like this are totally unaware as to “why they are different”. They can often have very difficult lives if they are not surrounded by supportive and loving relationships. People like this will often become artists and musicians, and will usually never be satisfied by working in front of a computer inside a cubicle.

    When a person who aligns with Radiance has truly found their niche to fill, they attract others with a smile that seems to reside constantly on their faces. This relates to the “Smile Propagation Theory” discussed in Part 3 of this book. It’s actually possible to develop this “smiling skill” such that you create smiles on the faces of others as they enter into resonance with you. Through the example of such a radiant person, others begin to realize that everything is a source of Radiance…everything becomes a display of brilliant and divine beauty…everything can become a sacred event when such resonances and reverberations manifest.

    When you can open yourself to sensing the Radiance that surrounds you, you begin to realize that you are participating in an amazingly sacred event…you find yourself in a place of magnificence that offers you the opportunity to accomplish miraculous things. You become drawn into the Ultimate Mystery as you begin to sense that the universe is trying to tell you something, if you can only quiet your mind long enough to hear it. It is trying to establish a deep, meaningful, and useful bond with you so that eventually you become a radiant source that causes immense reverberations in others. Just like the discussion of “Becoming Allurement Itself” you can “Become Radiance“ …you can change the lives of countless living things.

    But it all begins by learning how to “get in touch with the magic”. Sometimes it begins by holding a sleeping baby in your arms and seeing the small smile on the baby’s face as it’s comfortably asleep. Sometimes it is felt most keenly when you fall in love with something or somebody for the very first time, often with something as simple as a glace…a glance, and you’re hooked…a glance, and something unlocks inside you that you never new existed, until suddenly you find yourself filled with a magic that is truly beyond words. You find yourself drawn in to something that was obviously just waiting for you to connect to it…to unlock yourself FOR it. In some mysterious way, that resonance and reverberation feels as if it’s somehow
a form a beauty that is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s when you have truly unified your spirit with the ever-present and ever-available powers of the Ultimate Mystery.

    If you’d like to watch the “Radiance” video, simply click the video link at the top of this article. This is the last video in the “Powers of the Universe” series. “The Miracle Formula” naturally progresses from these teachings, and you can find that in our “Free” section. If you missed any of the “Powers of the Universe” episodes, you will find them numbered 1 through 11 in the video links at the top-right of your screen.

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