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    In order to introduce the first Power of the Universe (Centration) it helps to realize that all of these powers are constantly emerging incessantly everywhere. They are all interconnected in hundreds of ways via a common network that Dr. Swimme refers to as “Seamlessness”. This “Seamlessness” is not necessary a “power” of the universe, but might be best viewed as its primary characteristic.

    All things are deeply interconnected and unable to be “separated out” from the universe. Each of us is continually bombarded with an endless range of energies that we are only dimly aware of with our limited five senses. However, we all know that at the most basic levels we are walking around every day immersed in a sea of man-made energies…radio signals, television transmissions, microwave radiation, cell phone signals….the list goes on and on. And these just the man-made energies! The universe itself is passing an enormous amount of energy through us every second of our lives.

    The easiest forces to notice are light, heat, and gravity…we are constantly awash in energies. If you can think of your existence that way, you can realize how deeply connected you are to everything. There is no way for you to lock yourself away from the Powers of the Universe even if you wanted to. And that is the concept of Seamlessness, or as the Buddhists call it ““ Inseparability…nothing is “separate”…everything is “connected” to everything else and we all exist in the field of the Ultimate Mystery.

    Some people choose to align themselves with this fundamental nature of the universe, and derive their strength from their deep feeling of “connectedness”. One of the ways you can identify a person who moves strongly within Seamlessness is a person who lives a life filled with dreams and hopes. They see the endless realm of possibilities in the world. They are filled with visions and ideas…this is their natural state of restful connection. One of the reasons such people are filled with hope is because they see the limitless possibilities inherent in aligning oneself in such a vast sea of energies. They see that the universe consists of massive generativity…things are generated constantly, even out of nothing! Science has shown (on the quantum level) that particles actually appear out of nowhere…it’s called the quantum foaming of the universe. Isn’t that amazing? The universe is foaming and foaming and spewing forth matter and energy out of absolutely nowhere…an amazing example of universal generativity. We have no idea where such quantum foam comes from, it is simply a primal example of the underlying power of the Ultimate Mystery. Pure Generativity is simply the “nature” of the universe.

    So, as a person aligns with and “dissolves their psyche into” Seamlessness, they immediately feel vibrantly alive with the fresh possibilities of that particular moment. They derive refreshment and regeneration by allowing themselves to be the space for the Pure Generativity of the Ultimate Mystery. In doing so, they find that they can become a “birthplace” for miracles (see “The Miracle Formula” elsewhere on this site in which we show you the process by which such miracles can be most easily manifested).

    If you’d like to watch the “Seamlessness” video, simply click the video link at the top of this article. The next video in the “Powers of the Universe” series is titled “Centration” whose page can be viewed by clicking here.

    The “Powers of the Universe” videos are best watched sequentially, and you will see them numbered 1 through 11 in the links at the top-right of your screen.

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