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    The 6th Power of the Universe is at the opposite end of the spectrum from Cataclysm. It is the power that involves “working together” and is called Synergy. Synergy focuses on the concept of “mutually enhancing relationships”…those relationships that serve to enhance survival, or even merely enhance endurance. If we were talking strictly on the level of life, then “survival” would be the most appropriately descriptive term. But like all the 10 Powers, Synergy is “primal” and impacts everything in the universe, not just “living things”.

    Let’s begin by looking at Synergy in action on the Universal scale. Shortly after the primordial fireball that gave birth to the entire universe as we know it, all that existed was a super-heated and strange form of energy called “plasma”. No actually particles or atoms existed of any kind. But the universe “shuddered” and gave birth to a huge sea of particles, one type of which was the neutron. Now, neutrons on their own will decay after a very short period of time, but the universe also gave birth to a complimentary form of particle called protons. Consider that the universe could have manifested itself as “neutrons only”…but thankfully it did not. The way neutrons and protons survive without decay is by combining with each other for a mutually enhancing and enduring relationships. That is one of the first truly magical moments of our universe. That is Ultimate Mystery in action. The universe could have created “stand-alone” particles that required nothing else for endurance, but the Ultimate Mystery demands relationships. Again, when we say that it “demands” or “wants” or “insists upon”, that is simply those terms “on the level of the universal”…thus do we avoid falling into anthropomorphism.

    So, the universe created a dynamic of one proton to one neutron, but that only forms one kind of atom. The universe experimented with all possible combinations of numbers of neutrons to numbers of protons. One of the Emergence combinations leads to Plutonium but that does not endure for long. But when it came across the combination for Carbon it discovered an exceedingly strong and enduring relationship. In fact, out of the literally millions of combination possibilities for combining protons and neutrons, fewer than 90 are actually enduring. Each of these represents the power of Synergy on the universal scale…the creation of the elements.

    Let’s take a look at a different level…the planetary level as seen on our planet Earth. The various atoms were combined over and over, and out of the power of Emergence the Earth produced minerals, a few thousand of which are stable. These minerals are combinations of atoms…molecules…another example Synergy in action. During the Emergence of the planet Earth another amazing birth took place. It was the combination of hydrogen and oxygen to form the very stable substance …water. As already mentioned, the universe “demands” relationships (moves towards them intrinsically…moves towards them due to its “inner nature”). Out of the relationship between minerals and water we have the Emergence of the Synergy we call “Life on this planet”.

    It is in Synergy that life endures. That is such an amazing concept …Life Endures…and it’s entirely due to Synergy working together seamlessly with the other Powers of the Universe (Seamlessness in action). This is all part of the sacred and profound nature of the Powers of the Universe.

    In order for life to endure, there are two primary things that must manifest. Energy must be found for nourishment, and offspring must be produced to replace the life-forms which all eventually age and die. That’s the challenge…work together in Synergy with the rest of life on the planet, yet eat other life forms for endurance. It’s an amazing balance…a very delicate and wonderful example of equilibrium in action in which the Ultimate Mystery demands the “great drama” of life ““ live, eat, create offspring, and die. It is in this drama that Synergies blossom forth. Life creates the stage in which Synergy can work and show itself.

    As the Earth developed, amazing Synergies manifested …all of them without human involvement, without the intervention of reflective, conscious self-awareness. The Power of Synergy naturally flowed forth out of the Ultimate Mystery and created the most amazing synergistic relationships. Some of the most amazing were when the plants learned to work in Synergy with the sun, and developed the ability to “catch” the particles of light that hit them and convert that into food.

    Life discovered that cooperative interaction between its various forms, in a creative context, enabled increased survival and endurance. For instance, plants need to consume nitrogen and so many formed synergistic relationships with nitrogen-fixing bacteria which live as nodules on their roots. Pollinating insects work synergistically with the flowers. Bacteria in the stomachs of animals help the animals digest plant material, and enable the bacteria themselves to endure. The list of the interactions of Synergy on Earth seems almost endless…we are even today discovering new forms of Synergy on our planet.

    What kind of person would tend to be most able to align themselves and work with the Power of Synergy? A person embodying the quality of Synergy would have incredible, eternal optimism. They would have the feeling that we’re so close to new breakthroughs of endurance (and even consciousness) and they would work to facilitate such breakthroughs of progress. In order to invent new forms of Synergy, or to “become the vessel” which the Power of Synergy works through, a synergistic person is visionary, and even mystic. They can truly FEEL the wealth of possibilities that are waiting to manifest. They simply KNOW that there is an ocean of abundance that is searching for “vessels of consciousness” to move through (we learn how to willfully become these vessels at the end of the list of powers). The mystic learns to disassociate their deepest essence from their compulsive stream of thought…they learn to disassociate their inner spirit from “The Story of Me”. They do this so that their inner essence can work with the Powers of the Universe to allow miracles to manifest, and to facilitate the Ultimate Mystery’s movement towards new ways of enhancing human consciousness.

    We see that such visionaries have dreams of Synergy, and work to make them manifest into reality. The classic example of this would be Martin Luther King Jr. He gave his beautiful “I have a dream…” speech because he KNEW how close we were to a social breakthrough and he was RIGHT !!! He could feel the abundance of love and brotherhood that Synergy promised in his visions. He could sense the vast reservoirs of possibilities that were waiting to manifest. There is, of course, much more work to do to fully manifest his dream…but Synergy has already begun its unstoppable movement forward in the birth of a society where the fundamental relationships are mutually enhancing, and not filled with the horrors of hate and prejudice.

    If you’d like to watch the “Synergy” video, simply click the video link at the top of this article. The next video in the “Powers of the Universe” series is titled “Transmutation” whose page can be viewed by clicking here.

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