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    Transformation is a power that relates very closely to all the other Powers of the Universe. It is particularly close to the previous power we discussed, Transmutation. Whereas the previously discussed power of Transmutation dealt with change upon the individual, Transformation is how the influence of individuals (or individual components) manifests a change upon the whole.

    Let’s start by seeing how individual components can work together to change the whole. Perhaps the best example is reflected by how the universe got to life so quickly, which is one of the great surprises to science after examining the building blocks of life. Science in the last 100 years has come to the realization that you could not come ANYWHERE NEAR life with typically random combinations of the molecules that exist. Look at it this way. The universe has been around for about 13.7 billion years and life has only been around (on our planet) for about 4 billion years. So, it took the universe about 9 billion years, from the very start, to achieve life on planet Earth. When science analyzes the components of the universe, it becomes obvious that a random shuffling of material should not have even produced even the rudimentary components of life after only 10 billion years. Thus, one of the great shocks is that the universe got to life so quickly. It’s one of the unfathomable, yet observable, facts that are pure Ultimate Mystery.

    The universe had to transform its entire “whole” again and again to get to life. Scientists are beginning to imagine that the universe in some sense was “going for life“ …was aiming for it from the very beginning. In order to do this it had to produce great moments of total transformation that remained stable. Each of these great moments in the history of the universe, which we’ve already discussed, required that all prior transformations be “folded together” to produce ever more complex structures. This “folding in” of existing structures to create even more complex structures is like folding the steel of a very sharp Japanese sword. You have to keep folding and folding until a new and even better structure is brought into being.

    After each “folding” of the structures of the universe, the fresh and highly complex structures become filled with new possibilities. The universe harvested all of its prior and fantastic moments of transformation to bring all the strengths of the previous structures to bear into this one particular place and time for life to emerge upon the planet Earth. In other words, the universe transforms “the whole” …it “becomes involved” in folding structures in upon themselves, in order to create life-forms capable of reflecting upon the accomplishment. It does this in order to create the conscious self-awareness of the human. It’s truly amazing to think about! It is due to a colossal interweaving that enabled this moment to exist. We can no longer just say “it was a fluke, an accident, the result of a random combination of factors”. We can’t say that anymore because it happened so quickly! It becomes easy to recognize that the Powers of the Universe were aiming to get to the current form of life structures, at least here on the planet Earth.

    If we want to look at Transformation on the level of a species on our planet, think of a community of birds that are living in a valley for thousands of years. Their DNA has the information programmed into all new offspring for them to exist in that particular valley environment. If you have some form of rapid and drastic climate change the entire species usually dies off. But lets imagine that certain small things change in their environment (over a long period of time) that cause them to search farther and farther for enough food to eat. Let’s also imagine that they have to search higher and higher up the mountains to find food. As the birds migrate to higher and higher altitudes the stress of the lower levels of oxygen puts stress upon the entire population of the birds. As the birds experience more and more stress the most amazing thing happens. The population “responds“ on a deep and inner level, and enters a process called genetic mutation“. The population of birds unknowingly enters the power of Transformation and the genetic code of future offspring begins to change, allowing more and more of the baby birds to survive in this new and stressful environment. By entering the Transformation power, the birds go from a state of stress back to a state of creative productivity…they continue to produce more offspring that are now genetically altered to live in that environment.

    This type of thing is seen all over the planet. Animals are not using speech, or logic, to determine how to best deal with new environmental stresses. The individuals of the population naturally and “magically” enter into communion with the power of Transformation and “transform themselves as a whole“, until we are left with an entirely new species! That’s the incredible power and availability of this particular aspect of the Ultimate Mystery. It’s simply THERE and WAITING to be tapped and used …to be made “Useful”.

    How does this tend to manifest on the level of the human? What types of humans most rapidly respond to, and USE, this freely available and amazingly abundant power? The first characteristic of such a person is one who can deeply sense that a change by the whole is required. This type of person tends to campaign for “awareness of the need for change” and dedicates themselves to becoming an instrument of Transformation. How successful they are is entirely dependent upon their ability to align with and tap that particular power. Again, the technique for tapping such power is discussed in our “Miracle Formula” found under our “Free” section.

    These types of people tend to easily manifest some form of creative vision that involves a change of the entire population. To some, these visions seem to “come out of nowhere” because they somehow just “have the knack” of tapping those energies. They somehow “simply know” what they must do to become a beneficial channel for advancing the will of the powers…for advancing the will of the Ultimate Mystery. The most successful of these individuals start off as the “visionary seer”, and then (if they somehow tap the power correctly) become the “doer” …the instrument for “useful” change.

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