We are all searching for “meaning”, “purpose”, and “fulfillment”. Alas, we oftentimes find ourselves asking “What’s wrong with me ?” We do not wish to “stay the way we are” when we know that we can be better. We know that deep inside we’re truly a “good person” and would dearly like to remove those natural tendencies and habits that make us ashamed of ourselves. We find ourselves wanting to stop doing and saying things that we later regret (which can often hurt the one’s we love and care about). We’d like to remove those tendencies that seem to sabotage our relationships with all the people who give meaning to our lives.

    By changing the nature of your thinking (using the easy and practical techniques you’ll learn in our classes), you’ll find that your thoughts, feelings, and emotions begin to naturally move in the direction you WANT them to move … you begin to find yourself the master of your mind instead of a slave to the non-stop chatter that seems to never stop. Do you find yourself tired and lacking in energy because perhaps you can’t sleep properly at night (your mind seems to want to “keep going” even when you wish you could sleep soundly). You can learn how to STOP the continual movement of your thoughts whenever you CHOOSE to, and you’ll find that this frees up an incredible amount of mental energy. You’ll spend more time in states of feeling a “zest for life” instead feeling like you’re just “plodding through another exhausting day”.

    You’ll find that your mind is much like a ship on the ocean. When you’re continually tossed about by waves, you can never seem to get anywhere, but when you learn to “become the pilot of your ship” you can focus your attention (and extra energy) on the pursuit of activities which give your life meaning and purpose. You’re unhappy, unwanted, unintended thoughts, feelings, and emotions will no longer prevent you from pursuing that which gives your life meaning, purpose and fulfillment. All you have to do is come to our classes and learn how this is done!

    When you “Free Your Mind” such that your Naturally Arising Thoughts become peaceful, calm, and happy, you find that you can more readily partake in activities that give your particular life the most meaning. In the field of Positive Psychology (the branch of Psychology which examines which aspects of our lives bring joy, meaning and fulfillment) this is called “Maximizing Life Excellence”. When you begin to willfully chose activities that provide you with meaning and purpose, you will begin to see how so much of your life was wasted with meaningless and trivial pursuits. The time to make a change is NOW…don’t wait !!

A Proposed Thought Experiment

    We submit to you here a “thought experiment”. Visualize now that the hands of time have sped up and you are now resting on your death bed … you’ve lived a long and not terribly happy or fulfilled life, as is the case with most individuals. Look back in your mind’s eye now and see “THIS DAY” … the one you are currently living and in which you are reading this webpage. Can you visualize the path that you ultimately traveled to reach your imaginary death bed and see that you wasted SO MUCH time unhappy and unfulfilled ? Can you wonder if there was ever some form of Illumination you could have pursued such that things may have been different for your life ? Can you see that you often stopped yourself by personal fears … wanting to take the next big leap, but you held yourself back? How much time have you wasted worrying about the future, and then followed your fears by making decisions that held yourself back, “wasting time” when you could have been pursuing a life dream? Did you live to your fullest potential in the blindingly fast space of your brief gift of life?

The Promise of Fulfillment

    We propose to you that Enlightenment is available to you if you are willing to dedicate a portion of your life embracing a few simple and rewarding practices. We will further promise you that if you follow the Buddhist practices that you’ll learn in our classes, you’re “hypothetical deathbed experience” might be more like this:

    I’ve never been able to fathom why people I have known through my existence tended to ease along their “road of life” in a relatively safe and immensely boring vehicle … cruising the streets and highways of experience looking for safe and secure routes. When the time of their death arrived, they simply wished to ease the straining and wheezing car they’ve used to travel through life gently up to the cemetery gate, slowly open the gate, park slowly next to their grave, get out of the car, smooth the front of their clothes, smooth down their hair, and lie down quietly … passing away without incident or fanfare … a mundane exit for a VERY mundane existence. Theirs was an existence landmarked by sorrow and grief, and disappointment after disappointment with nothing to leave behind except lost hopes and broken dreams.

    For myself, I think I’ll barrel through the back roads of life and take risks … I’ll get out of my car when the mood strikes me and take off my shirt and dance and sing with the trees and animals of the forest for my audience. I’ll spoil my kids and eat plenty of desserts. As the time of my death nears I’ll rev the engine and crash through the cemetery gates going about 100 miles per hour, I’ll do a nice “Batman slide” into my gravestone and smash it into a million pieces. I’ll kick open the car door and get out and smell the air one last time, I’ll take a deep final breath and will triumphantly put both arms into the air and yell “Wow, What a Ride !!! ” and then I’ll just collapse sideways into my grave and land in a crumpled pile at the bottom of the hole … utterly spent … utterly used by LIFE, which enjoyed looking out through my eyes and which marveled at the amount of sheer joy that could be crammed into a single fragile body during one brief flicker of lightening we call “a normal human lifespan”.

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