Learning how to “walk the path of Buddhism” (with special attention to “Mindfulness”) allows you to recognize and “fully become” or “Free” your Deepest Self (what many Buddhists call your “Unborn and Eternal Buddha Nature“). This is the part of YOU which has the potential for existing in a complete “Peace of Mind” and is the portion of your awareness you will eventually discover and learn to use once you begin experiencing moments of clear enlightenment.

    Mindfulness practice (as taught regularly in our classes) is considered in Buddhism to be a “power” that can be developed, and allows you to begin to see the many profound truths of reality (especially when combined with other practices such as becoming deeply aware of the profound interconnectedness of all “perceived things”).

    Are you a seeker of truth? Are you looking to find answers to the puzzles of life which confound you? These profound truths are typically hidden from our awareness due to the overwhelming amount of stressful thoughts we routinely process, but in our classes you learn to strip away those things which blind you so that the universal truths become clearly revealed. Best of all, you get to test these truths for yourself such that they become readily obvious and can be easily verified by your own personal experiences.

    By learning to deeply perceive the true nature of reality, combined with walking the Buddhist path of Kindness and Compassion, you begin to see the world around you more clearly and with greater intuitive understanding. At the most surprising moments, some of the deepest truths taught in Buddhism begin to “jump out” and you experience some of the most amazing moments of pure and crystal clear enlightenment.

    Additionally, when you practice Mindfulness, Kindness, and Compassion and begin to free your mind from the stressful thoughts which blind you, your Naturally Arising Thoughts facilitate your development towards becoming a “naturally nice person“… the person your parents always hoped you’d one day be. If you’re troubled by your clouded thoughts and confused personality, the path of Buddhism will strip away your obstacles and free your deepest inner self, allowing it to clearly shine forth.

    You will soon begin to experience a life you’ve always known was waiting for you … a life of happiness, peace of mind, purpose, meaning, contentment and ultimate fulfillment.

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