Many teachers have described the entirety of the Buddha’s original teachings as simply a way to improve the quality of one’s thinking (thoughts, feelings, and emotions). The Buddha recognized that each person’s “Personal World” is predominately shaped by whatever the individual tends to dwell upon in their day-to-day thoughts. As is the case with most people, they find that their “Naturally Arising Thoughts” (those thoughts which effortlessly arise when we’re not “paying attention to” or “actively directing” our thinking) are not serving to make us happy, peaceful, or content. In fact, it’s often quite the opposite … our Naturally Arising Thoughts will often keep us dwelling in feelings of stress, anxiety, angst and depression. How many times do you notice that you’ve just spent the past hour “complaining to yourself” about something that bothering you in life ? When the majority of your day is spent like this, life begins to take on the emotional sensations of “Meaninglessness” and “Hopelessness”.

    The Buddha’s personal enlightenment consisted in the scientific dissection of why we do this kind of thing to ourselves. At the same time, he discovered that there is a practice which will rectify this problem for ANYONE. He called this solution “The Eightfold Path”.

    The Buddha developed a practical guideline of ethical and mental development with the goal being freedom from the thoughts, feelings and emotions that torment us and produce unhappiness. When our unpleasant thought patterns become more and more infrequent, it reveals our hidden, inner nature that quickly begins to shine forth and brings us increased happiness, joy, contentment, peace and tranquility.

    Eventually, the practice of the Eightfold Path leads to the understanding of the truth about all things. Great emphasis has always been placed on the PRACTICAL aspects of the Eightfold Path. In other words, the Buddha’s teachings always focus one’s attention on the USEFULNESS of following this path throughout the entirety of one’s day. The Eightfold Path is thus a “daily practice” … a true PATH that you continually use as you navigate your way through life.

    Our classes always remain focused on how the Eightfold Path can be used RIGHT NOW to increase the quality of your “Overall Life Excellence”. We give practical examples of how these teachings can be applied in any situation you might encounter. We will give general examples, as well as specific examples geared “just for you”.

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