The vast collection of Buddhist literature contains many accounts of personal, supernormal powers which manifest when you begin to truly discipline your mind. However, it is never a good idea to begin a process of mental training for the sole purpose of developing special powers and abilities. Instead, the Buddhist path focuses on another aspect… the “miracle of self-transformation“.

    Perhaps the greatest miracle of Buddhism occurs when you learn to strip away all of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that have plagued your life, and your Deepest Self is allowed to shine forth. When this happens, your wicked or unwholesome habits evaporate like fog under the morning sun. Buddhist history contains thousands upon thousands of instance of wicked individuals discovering the path of Kindness and Compassion, and what was once for them a miserable and meaningless existence becomes exhilarating and truly meaningful.

    That is the kind of self-transformational miracle everyone can expect from walking the Buddhist path. When you learn to habitually clear your mind of the unnecessary inner clutter and chatter that’s always plagued you, you can align yourself with universal energies such that you “create the space” for those energies to effortlessly flow through you for dramatic and positive self-transformation. You learn to become an instrument through which the energies of the universe can “flow though”. This is more like learning how to creatively redirect of the flow of a river, rather than asking a deity to redirect the flow for you.

    The miracles of self-transformation all begin by taking a first step down a path you’ll find Truly Useful and effective. When you learn to “master your mind“, then every single aspect of your life begins to noticeably change for the better. Your relationships become stable and more rewarding, your lack of stress enables your body to naturally heal itself more readily, you become able to focus upon your career such that your performance is noticeably improved, and your intelligence increases because you mind is not muddied by poor “thinking habits”. With this increase in intelligence, you naturally create a calm inner space for inspiration and genius to spring into conscious awareness.

    It would be appropriate here to strongly emphasize to you that you don’t have to “blindly believe” anything you hear in class. We always emphasize that nothing you hear should be believed unless you can prove it to yourself. We would even go further to say you should take the stance of a “strong skeptic” and believe nothing that you PERSONALLY can not test, verify, and prove to your own satisfaction. With that said, you’ll find that most everything you learn in class can be readily tested in your day-to-day existence … no “blind faith” is required.

Come discover all these things for yourself !

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