Part 1 – “You Are Perfect”

Part 2 – “What Hides our Inner Perfections?”

Part 3 – “The Solution”

Part 4 – “Using the Solution in YOUR Life”

Part 5 – “The Results YOU can Expect”

   Is it possible to reach any rudimentary levels of Buddhist Enlightenment without mentioning any “religious” or “spiritual” terms such as “Unborn Buddha Mind”, “Buddha”, “Bodhisattva”, or “Meditation”? Is it possible to reach Enlightenment by using purely secular (non-religious / non-spiritual) concepts and techniques?

   This was the challenge made by our friends at Entaoing University, who have a wide range of students interested in “Lasting Happiness” and “Overall Life Fulfillment“, yet are not wanting to immerse themselves in religious or spiritual practices. Is it possible to follow a path that would lead to happiness and fulfillment without the use of religion, chanting, or even meditation?

   In response to this friendly challenge, we created a 5-part video series for them entitled “You Are Perfect” which strives to point the student down a path of Lasting Happiness using ideas and practices that have been stripped of any religious or spiritual references. Students of Buddhism (especially students of Zen) will recognize the heart of what this video series strives to teach, and we hope that students of all religions might find something truly useful here.

   You see, you were born with a Perfect Personality…this is one of the sacred “mysteries” taught to followers of practically every religion and spiritual tradition in the world. Likewise, it is a fundamental truth that our Inner Perfections become “hidden” at a very early age and remain dormant until unlocked. This “unlocking” process usually requires decades of religious devotion or decades of arduous meditation, but we present here a KEY that was somehow missed by EVERYONE. This KEY will unlock YOUR Inner Perfections with very little effort…you just need to do the SINGLE THING we’re going to show you in this video series.

   Discover a practice that will lead to a discovery of your Deepest Self, will allow you to tame the non-stop chattering inside your mind (the Voice in the Head …the Inner Narrator), and will naturally lead to Lasting Happiness, vibrant health, and deeply fulfilling and connected relationships. This is just one of many such topics that are taught at our weekly Buddhist classes in Seattle. If you’d like to attend, just check out the info about our classes or send an email to the teacher (Jeffrey Ferris) who has 35 years of Zen training to draw upon, and who now teaches Buddhist practice from the perspective of ALL the various branches of Buddhism:

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